Heroku postgres Integration with Force.com

Login to www.heroku.com

Go to heroku Dashboard

Click ‘New’ to create Application

Create App

Enter App name: sfdc-heroku-integration

click ‘Create app’ button to continue


Click on App icon and select Elements

Select Heroku Postgres on the Heroku Elements page



Click on ‘Install Heroku Postgres’ and continue



Select your app name to install Postgres



select the free version and click on Provision button



You will landup on the below page after successfully installing Postgres on the Heroku platform



Installing Heroku Connect

Heroku connect  helps you to synchronize data to Salesforce



Select app name to install Heroku Connect, in our case app name is sfdc-heroku-integration



Click on Provision button to continue


After successful installation, you will be landed on to the below page


Configuring Heroku Connect to Sync data from Salesforce


Click on Heroku Connect from Dashboard->App->Resources section


Click ‘Setup Connection’


Enter schema name and click Next


Click ‘Authorize’ and continue


Select your Salesforce org to install, After successful installatoin, you will see below screen



Synchronize Salesforce object data into Heroku Postgres


Click ‘Create Mapping’


select Objects you want to synchronize


Select Object Fields you want to Synchronize, you can also set Poll Frequency ( minimum poll frequency set at 10 minutes )




After you complete the setup you will see below screen. We can clearly see number of fields, number of records that are inserted into Postgres DB

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